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ANYTHING in Moderation!

Life is all about balance. One of the greatest things that my mom ever taught me is ‘Anything in moderation.’ [She also taught me not to scrimp on toilet paper #charmin]. I would go out on a limb and say these are two VERY important lessons. Let’s focus more on the first one for this post.

“Anything in moderation.”

Now is the PERFECT time of the year to let this thought settle in. Most likely your focus right now is not necessarily on your daily nutrition intake. You are probably thinking ‘When the holidays are over, I will start thinking about that. January 1st is the time to start.’ We can agree to disagree, but I get it. These last two weeks of the year are kind of crazy and I feel like extra extra in 2021, am I right?

But what if you adapt the adage “Anything in moderation?”

What might that look like?

“Well, it’s the holiday season and I want to enjoy some adult beverages at the holiday party I am going to!”

“Sounds, good, anything in moderation.”

Go the party, enjoy a few beverages in moderation.

You enjoy the party. Check.

No hangover. Check.

“Im going out to eat this weekend and love the appetizers at this restaurant!”

“Cool, anything in moderation.”

You go to the restaurant and focus on ordering the (3) appetizers that strike your fancy the most, you do not order an entrée because none of them seem that exciting and you share your three appetizers for the table. Perfect moderation. You leave the restaurant satiated, but not stuffed.

Alcohol in moderation can be enjoyed

Sweets and treats in moderation can be enjoyed.

I am keeping today’s message short and sweet. Try it! #anythinginmoderation

Next week I am going to talk about WHY I do what I do, but remember, I am here to support you. If you want help, LET'S CHAT!


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