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How to gear up for winter weather!

How to stay warm while working out OUTSIDE!

 Ok team, I definitely feel like I am the Queen of working out outdoors. We are going on 3+ years of outdoor workouts and my mantra is 'there is no bad weather, just bad gear,' so add these items to your holiday list OR just go ahead and purchase as a treat for you. It is ok, I wont tell. The most important part is #layers.


Bottom Layer

  • My favorite pants at Lululemon are the Swift Speed (21" for me) because they are compresive, but not hot. I have multiple different pairs in many different colors.

  • On top of the Swift Speeds when I am outside, I add these Adapted State Fleece Lined Joggers.

  • On really cold days (and there have been some), I add these legwarmers to make sure I stay toasty. These have also come in handy on my bike trips of late.

Middle Layer

  • Most important first piece is the sports bra and this one just happens to be my favorite because of its natural cloudlike softness and light support.

  • Long sleeve layer is next and a half zip is always my favorite.

Outside Layer

  • The most important top layer is next and this new Cross Chill Jacket is a huge win in my book. Fuzzy on the inside and waterproof on the outside. I am definitely going to be wearing this a lot!

  • If you are not in for the workout, but need a bonus layer for errands around town, this Wunder Puff has been a beautiful addition to the mix!! Such fun colors as well.

  • Last but not least, for those brutal cold days, adding a pair of gloves is crucial, added bonus, your fingers can peak out the tips to access your phone.

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