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How to overcome a case of the SUNDAY SCARIES

How are you feeling this morning? No really.

For a lot of people tomorrow (Monday) is the beginning of resumption of normalcy. Maybe not in the way we remember from the 'before times,' but a large chunk of us have kiddos going back to school on Monday and that means all of the things that go along with it! That means lunches, laundry, bedtimes and homework...routines and schedules oh my!

Before we go on, take a deep breath. I promise it will help. Instead of being overwhelmed by all of those things, why don't we break it down to one thing at a time? A 'before times' term that you are probably familiar with is the 'Sunday Scaries.' Generally speaking, these are thoughts that come in to your head AND hinder your ability to enjoy your Sunday because you are so focused on Monday.

Let's break it all down. The struggle is real. We cannot pretend the next month will be a breeze, because it will be a change and change is hard. But change does not have to be unbearable.

My #1 piece of advice is to acknowledge and accept that life will be a little chaotic as you learn, adapt and perfect your new routine!

My #2 piece of advice is to make a check list of things you can do on SUNDAY night that will start your Monday off in the best possible way. For example:

  • pack your lunch & snacks for Monday

  • make a list of top 3 things you need to accomplish at work

  • set out your workout clothes

  • make a plan for your workout

  • set out the clothes you are going to wear for your workday

At some point over the weekend, it is probably a good idea to meal plan for the week and knock out some of the grocery shopping. This gets you a jump start on the week ahead and removes some of that 'whats for dinner' craziness that hits at 5:00 pm every single day.

Maybe only your kids are going back to school, but you are not in the office. As much as we appreciate that non-existent commute to work, we have lost the barrier that used to exist between home and work. That 30 minute drive, metro or walk, helped us de-program from one thing and re-program, gear up for another. Think about setting apart a small portion of that time to do something for you. Listen to a pod-cast, listen to music, just breath. Prioritize yourself for even a portion of that time after the kids leave or before they come back. Make that time period non-negotiable and try to break those Sunday Scaries.

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