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How to plan an entire week of MEALS + Workouts in under one hour!

Set a timer for one hour

  1. Take out your calendar

  2. Include the activities on your calendar that your kids have including travel time. If Joey, Jr. has to be at practice an hour away for 5:00, block out your calendar from 3:30. (you might have to help Joey, Jr. get ready and find their equipment). Be rational and realistic.

  3. Look at areas in your calendar where you can include your workout. This week it might 30 minute workouts versus 45, or maybe you have an hour and half, put it in your calendar. If it is an electronic calendar, set a reminder 15 minutes before. #noexcuses

  4. Get up and go look into your freezer for frozen meat and start meal planning.

  5. Go into your pantry and find pantry stable items that support your frozen meat selection.

  6. Create your grocery list for extra items needed to complete the meal.

  7. Put into your calendar when you will go grocery shopping. Be rational and realistic about how long that will take.

  8. Make sure right down nights for take out (I know you do not want to cook 7 nights a week).

  9. Turn off your timer and be amazed that less than an hour is gone and you have your entire week's schedule set, workouts planned and dinner ideas done and done!

When I say this WILL make your life infinitely easier this week, I mean this WILL make your life easier and I am not exaggerating.

As always, I want to hear from you! I want to know what blog posts resonate and which ones you need less of! I want to share my knowledge with you, so please email me at!

I love hearing from you!

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