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If you do nothing else today, do these 3 things!

Sunday can either be the most amazing day of the week where you utilize one hour of the day to map out your 'perfect' week OR Sundays can create a whole host of anxiety and worries, commonly referred to as the 'Sunday Scaries'.

Which one sounds better to you?

Wouldn't you rather

Do you start your day on Monday and already feel behind?

There are (3) very small things that you can do on Sunday that will help you wake up AHEAD of the game on Monday and then you can stay ahead for the rest of the week.

  1. LOOK AT YOUR CALENDAR: Map out your plan and go into as much detail as you possibly can in relation to MEALS (breakfast, lunch and dinner) & WORKOUTS (when, where, what time, how long?).

  2. FOOD PREP: No you do not have to cook everything for every meal, but if you struggle with having nutritional lunches, its probably worth batch cooking a few things to have something grab and go available for the week ahead. SPECIFIC IDEA: Quinoa, grilled chicken, chopped veggies, homemade dressing!

  3. MAKE A MASTER TO-DO LIST: Map out all of the things that you need to accomplish over the course of the week. BONUS POINTS: put the hardest item at the top of the list!

On average we make more than 35,000 decisions EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I am going to say that again for the people in the back:

On average we make more than 35,000 decisions EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Why does that matter? Because the more decisions you can make in advance about your meals, your workouts, your to do list, the more you will free up those decision making capabilities during the week, in times of stress, to make good, healthy, smart decisions to feel your best!

So three things:

  1. Map out meals and workouts

  2. Food prep some healthy, quick options

  3. Make a master to do list for the week ahead

Have a great week!


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