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If you have 5 minutes this week...

Do you think that taking care of your mind and body is an all day everyday thing? Break some of these items into 5 minute chunks.

Do you have 5 minutes in your day? You do. Trust me, you do have 5 minutes that can be used to better your perspective, your attitude and your life.

5 minutes per day x 7 days per week is 35 minutes. You have that time.

Start small.

Ok, what can you do in 5 minutes to help you feel better, stronger and more connected to the day?


  1. Pause and breath and sit with no phone, no computer, no ipad, no stimulation. Just sit and breath.

  2. Text 3 friends to let them know you miss them.

  3. Call someone you have not talked to in a long time

  4. Listen to your favorite upbeat song (maybe even dance)

  5. Identify a task on your list that can be erased or delegated.


  1. Go for a walk around the block

  2. Complete a stretch session with 5 stretches for 1 minute each.

  3. Exercise: 1 minute EACH of jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, squats and plank.

  4. Plan out your workouts for the week

  5. Drink a glass of water.


  1. Make sure your calendar is up to date.

  2. Write down 3 things you are grateful for in that moment

  3. Tidy up your workspace and throw away 20 things

  4. Read a book or the newspaper.

  5. Plan out your menu for the week.

How many of these things can you accomplish in one day or for one week? It is simple, but that does not make it EASY. It is absolutely WORTH IT!

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