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Reflect back on the last meal you ate sitting at a table, with a fork that you tasted. Really tasted. For me it was homemade turkey taco salad. As I sat at the table and ate I could feel the crunch of the lettuce, the light spiciness of the sauce on the ground turkey and feel the coolness of the sour cream dolloped on top! Yum.

How often do you eat that way? Being present and mindful and connected not only to your food but to the hunger cues your body is trying to tell you AS you eat.

As an industrialized nation, and as modern parents, we thrive on being 'so busy.' So busy we cannot stop and eat, so busy we cannot stop looking at our phones or watching TV. Well this 'busy-ness' is not helping us. I challenge you this week to SLOW DOWN. Our body is constantly giving us clues about being hungry, thirsty, tired or full, and if you aren't paying attention, you might miss those very important clues like how the food makes you feel. I ask my clients this all the time, 'If you eat a food and it does not make you feel good, is it worth going back and having that again?' In my opinion, 'no.'

Now you want some recommendations about HOW you can slow down and be present at your meal.

- For at least ONE meal per day, SIT DOWN, with no distractions. Sitting down at your computer does NOT count.

- At this meal, use utensils and put them down between bites. Literally, put your fork down and chew and savor the food you are eating.

- Take a breath between each bite.

- Take a sip of water between each bite.

- Focus on the people at your table and connecting with them.

- Pretend you are at a tasting and really stop and taste the food, the textures, the flavors and the magical combinations that someone has put together (maybe you!)

- Shut down your phone, computer, ipad, tv, book, newspaper...All of the things

Then, for this one meal per day, listen to your body.

Stop and listen.

Appetite awareness is one of the most useful tools you have at your disposal to fulfill your body's nutritional needs.

I have an appetite awareness tracker:

- How hungry were you when you started the meal?

- How full or satisfied were you at the end of the meal?

- How much food did it take to get you there?

EMAIL ME for my meal tracking document if you think it will help.

Over the past month I have highlighted different limiting factors that might affect you nutritionally. If you have missed one, click back to see the blog. Which one speaks to you the most? Reach out if you need a hand!


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