Making and Setting COMMITMENTS in 2021

How many times have you woken up on January 1st and said 'This is going to be the year I start ______________?' You are determined, you are committed for a week, maybe two and then the freshness and energy wears off and suddenly you are right back where you started. What happened? You have not allowed this new idea to become a habit.

How can you make your verbal commitment turn into action?

1) Figure out WHY. Why do you want to create this commitment? Make the why tangible. See it, feel it, smell it, own it. What will your world look like when you have adapted this new habit? See that world in all of its glory!

2) Create a calendar where you can add a check or a mark every time you do it! Action to engagement.

3) If you miss a day, cut yourself some slack, life happens, start again tomorrow.

4) Get started today. 1 minute of your commitment is 1 minute more in the right direction.

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