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Quick Tips to Crush the Afternoon Slump...

The clock strikes 2:00 PM. If you are at work, you cannot imagine staying there for another 3+ hours. Or, it is 2:00 and your kids come home/you pick them up in an hour. You are hungry, cranky, tired and not ready to conquer the rest of the day ahead of you!

It may feel like this is just par for the course, every day, but it does not have to be.

Keep reading for my quick tips below:

  1. Balance your lunch: Plenty of protein, fiber and moderate healthy fats will help keep your blood sugar balanced. If you pre-plan and maximize your lunch with a well-balanced meal, you will stay fuller longer.

  2. Keep your water bottle full. Stay hydrated, fizzy or flat, water of choice, staying hydrated will help keep your energy up! A lot of times in the afternoon, when you think you are hungry, you are really thirsty!

  3. Get up and move around! Walk around the block, your office, your house, just get up and move around. Bonus points for getting that walk outside. Burpees anyone? :)

  4. Go to the fridge vs. the pantry iI you really need to eat, find your mid afternoon pick me up in fridge. Typically that is where you keep the whole, read foods with less ingredients.

  5. Listen to upbeat music! An afternoon dance party is always a great idea to make you feel better instantly.

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