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STOP starting on Monday!

Good nutrition is about balance.

The good news is that balance gives room for both the vices and the virtues.

Did you know that neurologically, we are wired to remember the extremes versus the averages? If we had a rager of a night, multiple glasses of wine, we remember that. The nights where we maybe had a half glass just fade into the oblivion. We focus only on the extremes, for today, let's work together to meet in the middle.

As I was quoted to me today 'consistency is key,' so I have a challenge for you this week! Your challenge is to take my recommendations below in a CONSISTENT WAY.

10 things (and there is an APP for that! Nutrition GPA) total

More of 5 things!

Less of 5 things!

Your goal over the course of the week is to get a B. An A is awesome, but don't sweat it.


  1. VEGETABLES (5 or more servings, not counting potatoes and corn!)

  2. Did you have at least 3 DIFFERENT vegetables?

  3. Did you have 1 or more servings of FISH, FLAX, CHIA, or HEMP?

  4. Did you eat 1 or more serving of LEGUME?

  5. Did you eat 1 or more servings of NUTS or AVOCADO?


  1. Did you have more than 1 alcoholic drink?

  2. Did you have more than one sweetened food or beverage?

  3. Did you eat foods made with refined flour?

  4. Did you eat processed meats?

  5. Did you eat fried foods?

Action Plan: focus on the area that needs work and execute it consistently instead of trying to solve all the problems.

Perfection isn’t the goal or the expectation. There is always another opportunity in the day to make a different choice and reset the balance, because that is what it is all about. Balance!

If you try this approach, it will

1. Instill confidence your ability to make healthy choices

2. Reduce the complexity. Eating healthy should not require a PHD.

3. Promote positivity!

4. Counter perfectionism.

Remember, we have a bias towards extremes and negativity and this will help you realize, it is not as bad as you think! People think they are doing so much worse than they are.

80% of the results for the first 20% of the effort.


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