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Stop Starving and Start Eating!

I am kind of a broken record when it comes to talking about weight and what the scale says because it truly is so unimportant. This week I I listened to this podcast and I am obsessed with the first half and think it might resonate with you.

The subject of the interview, Sal Di Stefano, works with fitness and nutrition clients and for the first two months he works with new clients he says 'you might not lose weight.'

I know what you are thinking.

"WHAT? I am going to work with a nutrition/fitness coach and I might not lose weight? What the hell?"

He goes on to say, in those first few months it might be a trade off fat pounds versus muscle pounds. Trade (4) lbs of fat for (4) lbs of muscles and see the benefits that come from that trade off. You weigh the same, but you feel better, smaller, less bloated, I will keep shouting from the roof tops, 'who cares what you weigh!"

So what can you do today to trade (4) lbs worth of fat for (4) lbs worth of muscle?

  1. STOP CUTTING CALORIES instead trade your processed calories for better options. Keep yourself full of high fiber, water-dense foods (a.k.a. fruits and vegetables) and nutrient-rich proteins like nut butters or sustainably-caught seafood. You may have to force yourself, to find snacks in the fridge versus the pantry, but it pays off.

  2. EAT WHAT YOU ENJOY! As you find those new, nutrient dense foods that keep you full, find the ones that you enjoy and dare I say it crave? You’ve got zero chance of sticking with healthier eating if you are choking down bland food that you hate.

  3. ADD IN EXERCISE BECAUSE IT KEEPS YOUR MUSCLES STRONG. You’ll sleep better, look better, and feel better if you move more, and those are reasons enough.

I have said it before and I will say it again, flip the script.

Instead of 'I want to lose 5-10 lbs,' say 'I want to feel less bloated.' or 'I want to feel more energy through the day,' or 'I want to stop crashing at 4:00 pm.' Those options feel like more concrete outcomes and the weight will come off once you STOP obsessing over it.

“If you’re a busy mom and have you been struggling to feel less bloated, have more energy and stop binge eating at 4:00 pm, I feel you… because I totally used to be there!

But since I started using my Wellness Template, I have been able to beat the bloat, moderate my energy and thrive throughout the day.

I’m looking for 5 moms who would be willing to help me make my program perfect, so we can help more moms feel better, stronger, sexier, less bloated, have more energy and feel more amazing! ... this short survey won’t take more than 5 minutes, and just for completing this short survey, I'll put you in a draw for a $20 AMAZON GIFT CARD. If I interview you, I will guarantee a $10 gift card OF YOUR CHOICE!

If you would be interested, just click here!

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