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The Basics of Good Nutrition: Part 2

It is not easy, but it is simple. - Eric Thomas

The concepts of a well-balanced nutrition plan are not easy to follow, but the concepts are very SIMPLE.

Limiting factor #2 Not enough nutritious, whole, minimally process foods.

We touched on this a little bit in the blog post last week about eating real whole foods. I guided you towards shopping the perimeter of the grocery store but there is more to it.

Some broad spectrum examples of nutrient-rich, whole and minimally processed foods include:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables

  • whole grains

  • beans and legumes

  • whole, fresh cuts of meat or poultry

  • fresh fish and seafood

  • nuts and seeds

I was listening to a podcast recently called "Feel Better, Live More.' In the podcast it talked about our industrialized society and our innate craving for what is EASY and CHEAP. The foods that are easy and cheap are designed to make you eat more AND leave you feel unsatisfied and still hungry. Those companies spend millions of dollars a year making sure their design plan works and you eat more. So what can you do? Make those nutrient-rich, while and minimally processed foods EASIER to access.

Ideas include:

  • Pick the fruits and vegetables at the store and get them pre-cut. One less step!

  • Put those pre-cut items in the front of your fridge where you will see them first.

  • Stock up on canned beans

  • Get some frozen vegetables. These vegetables are picked and flash frozen at prime nutritional value

  • Try one new whole, real food at every meal.

  • Start with a SMOOTHIE! Stay tuned for more on smoothies next week.

Get back to basics and remember it is all about balance!

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