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Tools for your Toolbox: Living your best life!

Living your best life is a big tool, so I am going to narrow that down into some smaller more manageable pieces. That is the way that life works. Big huge goal broken down into smaller more manageable pieces, so for today 10 TIPS to living your best life!

  1. Wake up every day ready to restart and reset. Every day is a reset. Imagine you turn off the battery in your body, you recharge as you sleep and then its time to go again!

  2. Be the best YOU! Stop trying to be someone else and be the best version of you!! Period. Full Stop!

  3. Be present and aware of what is happening around you. Smell your coffee in the morning, taste the different meals you eat during the day. Be aware of what is happening around you to experience more of what is happening all day every day.

  4. Stop waiting for the situation to be 'perfect' to make a change. Stop waiting. Perfect doesn't exist. NOW exists! Make that change you want to make NOW.

  5. Maintain a growth mindset. There are always more opportunities out there. When some doors close, the windows open. Keep seeking chances to learn and to grow.

  6. Set a goal and take steps towards it. Maybe it's a career goal or a family goal. Or a life goal! Whatever it is, think about something you want to accomplish and why, and then plan the how!

  7. Do things you love. Reading? Running? Yoga? Hiking? Whatever it is, do it and find ways to do it more! Life is too short. Do the things you love.

  8. Be President of your Fan Club! Make a list in your phone and title it the 'I Am a Badass List.' List all of the things that make you awesome, unique and special, and then look at it whenever you second guess your badassery (#badassery).

  9. Let go of anger. Holding onto anger is like holding onto a hot coal. The only one hurting from that coal/anger is you. Take action and throw it away. That anger doesn't serve you.

  10. Build friendships and relationships with quality people who support you and your goal!

Try these this week and let us see what we can cook up for living your best life next week!

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