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Top (3) Tips to Thrive for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving probably brings up a lot of emotions, both good, bad and maybe even indifferent. Maybe staying on your health and wellness track is low in your list of priorities during this time of year, and I understand this. It probably seems easier to say ‘screw it.’

I am here to lovingly remind you that it does not have to be as hard as you think.

Remember, Thanksgiving is actually only ONE single day. So below you will find some of my top tips and easy strategies to your best over the next week.

I even have a printable check list reminder if you keep reading :)


1. Make your plan

Look at your schedule from today until next Sunday. Put your movement schedule into place. It might not be a 45 minute – one hour workout, but something is always better than nothing.

IDEA: Maybe you are traveling via plane this week. At the airport, make it a point to walk as much as you can. Instead of sitting at the gate scrolling, do squats by sitting in your chair and then standing up.

IDEA: Traveling in the car, be purposeful in your car loading (lifting weights) and then try to get a walk in on the other side of the drive.

Any sort of movement is always better than no movement. Invite your kids to join you. Manage your own expectations. Maybe you don’t have time for 45 minutes, 15-30 minute workouts still count. Plan and be purposeful.

IDEA: On Thanksgiving, get up and do something, ANYTHING. Walk, Run, Ride, Dance, Tabata. Weather pending go for a family walk (or walk the dog) AFTER dinner. This will regulate your blood sugar from the main meal and have you feeling less stuffed as you move to dessert.


2. Focus on your favorite part! What is your favorite part of thanksgiving? For real, is in the apps? Is it the turkey (probably not)? The sides? Prioritize what is important to you. For me, it’s a mix of turkey, stuffing and applesauce. So I tend to steer clear of the apps, waiting to enjoy my favorites not being pre-stuffed.

IDEA: Make a decision in advance and then try to stick through it. Have a small plate of the apps to enjoy them and take the edge off and then save room for that favorite part. Is dessert the be all and end all? Then why go back for seconds of turkey? Sit, savor and then save room for dessert.

3. Hydrate Front load your hydration for the day by drinking a lot of water. Be more purposeful in advance. When you get to your family gathering, alternate beverages. Alcoholic vs. Non-alcoholic.

Remember, Thanksgiving is one day. Avoid using it as an excuse to indulge all weekend. Be mindful of what you eat on Wednesday and purposeful about what you eat and how you move on Friday. Thanksgiving is one day. Enjoy the day, be present, be engaged, eat the food you love. Be thankful!


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