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WHY and HOW to stay consistent

I was talking to a new client this week and explaining to her why I will not throw 17 habits in her direction because that would be overwhelming and would not set her up for success. Instead of 17 habits, poorly executed, what if you tried to create ONE new habit and execute it well! How well? Depends on the goal.

Looking at the image above, people get excited about starting a new health/wellness program and they GO, then LIFE, so they PAUSE, with the pause, progress decreases and the cycle rolls on and on and on....

I will sing it from the mountain tops, consistency is KEY!!

I know you are thinking, "Ok, let's do this, I am ready to start NOW, creating a new healthy habit and maintaining it consistently."

Print out this document.

You can use this worksheet today.

Want some ideas for habits to start tracking for consistency? I've got you!

  1. Drinking 32+ oz of water every single day!

  2. Replace one meal of processed foods with real, whole foods.

  3. Try a new healthy recipe

  4. Protein + colorful fruits and vegetables at meals.

  5. Sit at a table with no electronics for meals.

  6. Go for a 30 minute walk

  7. Go to bed 10 minute earlier

  8. Try 1 minute of mindful breathing.

  9. Have a regular bedtime.

  10. Get sunlight first thing in the morning.

  11. I have more, but for a more tailored approach for you, you have to email me

Pick 1!

ONE habit, two if you are really game, but our goal is not to be overwhelmed and quit. The goal is to pick one, be consistent until it becomes HABIT and then move on and ADD another one.

Pick one, let's say you pick '2. Replace one meal of processed foods with real, whole foods.'

  • MONDAY: So for breakfast tomorrow instead of processed cereal, milk and fruit, you make yourself overnight oats with milk and fruit. Put an X in the box for MONDAY.

  • TUESDAY: you go back to cereal, but instead of a sandwich for lunch, you create a balanced salad, but an X in that box.

  • WEDNESDAY: BUSY day of carpooling, but instead of an Egg McMuffin, you pack pistacios for a snack. Another X.

Keep track over the entire week. Maybe you get 4/7. Awesome start. For the next week, can you do 4 again? Or could you increase to 5? Small changes do add up to big results. You think it won't make a difference, but overtime you adjust the goal to not 7 days of the week, but 21 meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days) and that number keeps growing! More real, whole foods, will have you feeling fuller, longer, will give you clearer skin, stronger nails and the body you want. No ifs, ands or butts :) Consistency is key. Try today to be better than yesterday every day!

AND, this is a big AND. Celebrate your wins!! When you hit the goal, celebrate it in whatever way makes you feel great, that does not revolve around food. IF, one week you arent as successful, fight the urge to fall off, just shake it off and start again the NEXT DAY, or the next meal. Success is your end game, you can do this!


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