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Are you ready?

Ready for what? For September. 'Jill, September is still three weeks away, I do not need to get ready now.' Actually, you do! We do not plan to fail, but we fail to plan.

It is in your best interest to start planning now, to set yourself up for success with that planning.

Things that you can start to plan NOW:

  • How you organize your meals. Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner. You can plan all three at the beginning of the week.

  • What your workout plan is going to be! When will you schedule your workouts?

  • When can you build in some YOU time? Remember you are definitely still allowed and even more importantly ENCOURAGED to say NO sometimes. If an activity or an event does not speak to you and your energy level or excitement, say NO.

It has been a LONG time since we had any sort of regular schedule and normalcy for all of the people in our lives and that regular schedule will resume. You might not go to the office 5 days a week, but you will go to the office. Your kids will return to school (#fingerscrossed) and they will have too many activities for you to carpool and the struggle is real, so set yourself up for success!


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