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Do you brush your teeth everyday? Twice a day?


Two reasons:

1) It keeps mouth and teeth healthy

2) It is part of your routine and it is a habit!

1) You brush your teeth every day because you know that when you go to the dentist twice a year, you want a good check up. You want no cavities! How do you avoid cavities? By taking care of your teeth, brushing and flossing every day. Can you take that perspective to your body and movement every day? Pretend you go to the doctor every year (which you should for an annual check up!) and plan for that clean check up where the doctor tells you your blood pressure looks good, heart sounds good and overall you are in good shape. By making movement a priority the majority of the days of the week, you take literal steps closer to the clean check up.

I have written in past posts about all of the different types of movement you can do, so choose the one or ones that interest you the most! Make it a priority. Schedule it just like you would schedule a meeting and #committoyou

Then 2) the more you practice including that movement in your day most days, the more you find the things that bring you joy, the more you will WANT to do it and the greater the benefits will be! The more you practice the more habitual it becomes. Remember practice makes progress.


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