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Do you ever stop to think about why you are eating?

I am not talking about at breakfast time when you are eating breakfast, but more that mindless eating that might happen as you pass through the kitchen in the morning or as you are preparing for dinner at night.

If I asked you, "How many food decisions do you make during the day?"

What would your answer be? For most people their answer is 30ish.

The real answer is 200ish! Big difference, right?

According to Brian Wansink, PhD, professor and director of Cornell Food and Brand Lab, "If we simply give people a larger plate size, in some cases, they'll end up eating 25%-50% more food just because the dish they're eating from is bigger."

Our food decisions are influenced by ambient lighting, dish size, variety of food, music, distractability. All of these factors add up to what food goes into your mouth.

So, it is time for you to take some control:


Research has shown that when we are watching TV or looking at our phones while eating, we will eat more than if you are focused on just the meal. When you take a bite and then move away from the food to something as scintillating as the most recent alert, your brain forgets that you were eating. When you come back, your brain says 'NEW,' and this affects our ability to fend off over-eating.


Remember in a health class you took at some point, learning about the digestive tracts? Chew, swallow, esophogus, stomach, breaks down, etc. That entire process of feeling "full" takes at least 20 minutes. If you eat until you are full, too late, now you are stuffed. Being aware of eating until you are 80% full will leave you satisfactorily fed 20 minutes later.


IF you catch yourself in a moment of grazing, picking or finishing food off your kids plate, STOP. HALT. How is this moment driving you forward? What do you really want instead of cheeze-its? Maybe a tall glass of water, maybe a deep breath?

IF you are interested in an easy tracking system to tune into what your body is telling you and helping to raise your awareness for more intuitive eating, click HERE. I have a document I can send to support you!

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