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Sometimes all you need is 7 minutes!

As a fellow fitness enthusiast I am not going to pretend the title of this article says 'You only need to workout for 7 minutes a day for flat abs or a tight butt, etc.' What I AM going to say is 'if you are SUPER short on time and the option is nothing or 7 minutes, 7 minutes is ALWAYS better than nothing.

Ok Jill, what do I do for 7 minutes? I have the answer! Or more specifically, The New York Times had the answer. They created the Scientific 7 minute workout and I took the opportunity to record it and pop it on You Tube so you can see how easy it is! Click here It is 12 exercises and you only need your body and a chair/bench. You could even modify with out it. Complete each exercise for only 30 seconds. Some of you know that 30 seconds is .3247% of a 24 hour day, so it will be over before you know it!

Magazines, television and newspapers, all media tell us that we need to do longer, heavier, faster, etc. There are moments where it is ok to do less and then less ends up being more!

What about some other things that you could do for 7 minutes that might provide big benefits!

- Meditation

- Listening to your favorite music

- Talking to someone you have not talked to in a while

- Cleaning out a junk drawer

- Going for a walk around the block with NO electronics

- Snuggling with your dog or child, or both.

One of my goals in writing these posts is giving you ideas for living your best life. Feeling satisfied in the moments and happy overall. Top elements, in my opinion are daily:

- Movement

- Balanced nutrition

- Mindfulness and

- Human connection.

Can you dedicate 7 minutes every day to one of these elements? I think you can!


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