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Your Ultimate Guide to Loving YOU!!

When was the last time you gave yourself a compliment. No really think about it. When was the last time you looked in a mirror and said something genuinely nice about yourself.

We are currently surrounded by all things red and pink to celebrate Valentine's Day (thank you Hallmark), but instead of focusing on an external someone, I challenge you to go inside a little bit deeper and show yourself some love. Really.

We forget to prioritize ourselves

So many of my clients are going back-to-back, activity to activity making sure that their house flows perfectly. From the minute you wake up, to the minute you go to bed I am guessing you are on the go. Getting people up, dressed, meals made, teeth brushed, where is the permission slip, what is for dinner? Who has what activity? It is maybe written down but a lot of it is just stored in your brain. I took a yoga class this week and said to the instructor, 'Shavasna is the only 4 minutes of any day that I stop moving,' and you know it is probably true for you. If you met someone on the street right now and they said, 'tell me about yourself,' what would you say? "I am a _____." Where do YOU fall on that list of titles? Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend, YOU?

How can you regain your power?

Step #1: Make a BAD ASS LIST. Write down all of the amazing things that you have accomplished in your life.

  • Look at the family you have created

  • Open your eyes to the home you have created.

  • Think about every job you had that you excelled at

  • Qualities that your kids display that you know come from your parenting (the good ones!)

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself. Be genuine.

If you do not think you are awesome, look again. You are. Period. You have something unique and special that no one else has. Own it!

Step #2: Be grateful. One of the most interesting aspects of the brain is it can only focus on one thing at a time. So if you focus on what you do not have, what you do not want or what is going wrong in your life, that is where all your energy goes. Kind of a waste of good energy, right? Instead, be grateful. Be grateful for your body, be grateful for your family, be grateful for your health. Be grateful for the things that you have and your energy will give you more! Know that you have the ability to transform your world with positive intentions and mindful actions. "Energy goes where intention flows."

Step #3: Create an opportunity to show yourself Love.

My #1 piece of marital advice has always been to clearly state to your partner what you need. In this example, if you need one hour this weekend where you can take a bath in private, tell your partner. Allow them to help set you up for success. It is not your partners job to anticipate what you need. Be very clear about exactly what you need, how long you need it and what they can do to support that need. You might need to help with the logistics if kids are involved and be realistic. A week away in the Bahamas probably won't work, even though that is what we all need right now :)

Your self love might be a bath, it might be a workout, a walk, or an hour of reading. Be clear about your need, your expectation and ask what you deserve.

How balanced nutrition is good for you!

What do you think of when it comes to self-care? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition is: the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.

I’m a firm believer that the best thing you can do to preserve or improve your health is to nourish it rather than restrict it. When I connect nutrition with self-care, it does not mean dieting. It does mean taking the steps to fuel your body properly to function:

- high quality protein,

- healthy fats,

- variety of vitamins and minerals, and

- even some carbs.

If you take these steps to fuel your body and listen to how it responds you will start to feel better and I say happier? Has a diet ever made you happy? Good nutrition is self-care because your relationship with food can create a better sense of balance in your life.

Three top tips to increase your nourishment:

  • Get colorful: The more color the better when it comes to nutrition. Not only does it lend itself to more diversity of immune-boosting and inflammation-fighting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, I’m also convinced that more color in your day is a mood-booster.

  • Don’t be afraid of fat: Found in fish, olive oil, avocado, and nuts, healthy fats have been shown to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, and promote brain health. If that’s not enough self-care for you, omega-3’s are also linked to reducing depression and anxiety as well as improvements in mood.

  • The 80/20 Mindset: Adopting an 80/20 mindset is a way to introduce more balance into your nutrition. This mindset involves around sticking to your nutrition-related goals 80% of the time while indulging mindfully during the remaining 20% of the time. The problem with having a 100% mindset is that it leaves no room for being human, which again inevitably leads to stress and guilt.

If you want help creating a more balanced approach to self-care, schedule a chat with me today. 30 minutes, free, just to discuss you!

If no one tells you they appreciate you today, I appreciate you!

The bottom line is you only get one life. You are truly the only person who can really take care of you. You know your needs and what will meet them. Take charge. Today is the best day to do it!

Leave a comment below on how you can prioritize you today!


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