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the BEST way to start your day!

  1. Don't hit the snooze button. The problem with hitting the snooze button? That 9 extra minutes won't be restful and restorative. Use that time after your alarm goes off, but before you get out of bed to set your intention for the day.

  2. Have a glass of water next to your bed and drink it on the way to your first destination. Is coffee your first stop in the morning? Drink a few sips on the way to your coffee maker or the bathroom. Try to start with 2-4 oz and work your way up to 8 oz. This first blast of water will get your motor running and your body will be primed for the rest of the day!

3. Spend 5-10 minutes with a mindfulness practice. If you wake up first thing in the morning and check emails, you are already behind on answers you have to create and tasks you have to do. Your to do list grows and you might not have even gotten out of bed. Spend 5 minutes, just being present and mindful and breathing. This 5-10 minutes will help you stay AHEAD of your day instead of in a constant catch up mode.

4. Exercise. Nothing is standing in your way for a morning exercise session. No meetings have come up, no kids need anything. Wake up, prioritize you and move your body.

5. Take a cold shower. According to the Cleveland Clinic, taking a cold shower, "stimulates blood flow, which – on the whole – is a good thing for your overall health. Even your skin gets clearer and healthier with increased circulation."

6. Make your bed. Making your bed first thing in the morning provides a sense of accomplishment and helps set up your 'yes I can' attitude for the whole day. PLUS, there is a 100% chance getting into a made bed at night is 1,000,000x better :)

7. Eat a well-balanced breakfast. What you put in your body first thing can set up every other meal of the day. Start your day with PROTEIN, FIBER + FAT. Balanced, nutritious, delicious and filling.

8. Leave your phone on Do Not Disturb. See #3. Wait until you are ready to get to work to get to work. You are in charge of you!

9. Tell your people 'I Love You.' I hope this is the last thing you say as your family walks out the door. Let that be the lingering message even when you don't always love their behavior.

10. Clean up your breakfast dishes. Just like getting into a made bed is 1,000,000x better, coming home to a tidy kitchen before you have to cook dinner just makes sense. The 5 minutes it might take will make you much happier at the end of the day.


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