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Toolbox Tool: MOVE YOUR BODY

If there was a magic pill that could help you feel better in your body, look better in your clothes, be stronger and more mobile as you go about your day AND help you sleep better, would you take it? Guessing your answer is a HELL YES

Ready for the name of that magic pill? MOVEMENT.

"But Jill, I don't like exercise."

Ok, do not call it exercise, call it MOVEMENT.

Can you get some sort of MOVEMENT into your day MORE days than not?

For example, out of a 7 day week, can you MOVE for 30 minutes 4 days?

I know 2 hours of movement is slightly more challenging than the magic pill I mentioned above, but the magic pill does not exist, so movement for the win.

20 ideas for movement that might strike your fancy:

  1. walking

  2. dancing

  3. stretching

  4. play sports with your kids

  5. go swimming and dive off the diving board!

  6. play frisbee

  7. hiking

  8. chasing your dog at the park

  9. roller skating

  10. indoor rock climbing

  11. hula hopping

  12. jump on the trampoline

  13. swing at the park

  14. jump rope

  15. cartwheels

  16. chasing the waves at the beach

  17. playing tag or capture the flag

  18. play dance dance revolution

  19. horseback riding

  20. partner sports (tennis, badminton)

Start by incorporating some of these into your days, into your vacations and see how good to feels. It feels good to move, if you choose an activity and share it with your friend, added bonus is the connection with them. I call that a WIN WIN!

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