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Is it time for a change?

Visualize your older and wiser self 10 years down the road. What would your future self tell you to do?

Read that again. What would your future self tell you about how you are taking care of YOU right now?

The habits you create now will have their biggest impact down the line. Today makes an impression on tomorrow.

Old habits will not bring new results, so let’s work together to create new habits. I have spent the past few months collecting the MOST effective pieces of information that can be used to create lifelong habit change as it relates to improving your overall health.

This 28-day program starts on February 1st and includes a daily email notification with very specific steps and recommendations that you can incorporate immediately. Rome was not built in a day and new habits are not either so the information shared is built on a progressive scale. Starting with #1 and then stacking on #2. In the program, I will address your potential sticking points to wellness change and how to overcome them. If you feel stuck with where you are health wise, let's work together to get unstuck.

I do not directly address weight loss in this program, however participants who start to adopt these new habits do notice fundamental changes to their physique as they start focusing on eating better, more purposefully and moving their body, also more purposefully.

Each day outlines a specific topic and provides useful tools that you can use immediately. I share the best documents, most popular recipes and a complete meal plan that you can use to jump start your health and wellness goals in 2022.

The topics include:

* Meal Planning: How and Why?

* Eating Behaviors: Addressing the limiting factors that are standing in your way.

* Batch Cooking 101: How to get more done with meal prep in less time.

* Grocery Shopping: Secrets to where in the store you should shop.

* What a balanced plate looks like.

* Creating more effective sleep hygiene

* Creative ways to move your body

* Much more!

February 1st is a great time to start and I hope you will join me! If you have specific questions, email me here or just book it!

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