Do you PLAN your meals?

Meal Planning is the very FIRST question I always ask new clients. How do you decide what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you PLAN your meals? I have gotten a wide range of answers. I am here to tell you WHY you should Meal Plan and HOW To get started.

I am going to paint a picture from you.

Imagine if you will, your typical day.

You wake up tired and grumpy from a snoring spouse and jump right into the day. Two kids to get off to school, and you have not made their lunches. Kid #1 forgets their Chromebook at home, so you drop it off on your way INTO work. You have not gone into work in a month, but of course TODAY you go into the office. You even got dressed in real clothes today because you are meeting a client. Lunch is at the meeting with the client, boardroom sandwiches. You eat too many and a side of chips because you skipped breakfast.

Ill fast forward a bit through the workday, the traffic, the kid pick-up, the post school homework and now its 5:00 and the dreaded ‘WHATS FOR DINNER?’ At this point in the day, how much power you have left to make a good d