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How to workout OUTSIDE in the winter

In a life a long time ago (or 10+ years), I used to manage events. A lot of these events happened outdoors and during less than ideal weather conditions. I have always said 'there is no bad weather, only bad gear.' People have been asking me 'Ok Jill, tell me about good gear!'I do have a great relationship with the team @ Bethesda Row Lululemon, so a lot of my products come from there, but they work. Here goes!

It starts with an important base layer:

  • PANTS: I like these pants because @ 28" they are long, the insides are a brushed material which keeps me warm but does not make me hot!

  • SPORTS BRA: I dont have much to write home about here, so a basic base layer sports bra works for me. If you have bigger girls, and need really strong support, a few of my clients swear by this brand!

  • LONG SLEEVE TOP: On top of the sports bra, goes a light but warm long sleeve shirt. This is what I run in through the winter as well. It keeps me warm, but does not make me HOT. Comes in SOOO many colors!

  • VEST: I LOVE a vest! I get so happy on the first cool day of fall when I get to pop that layer on. Just the convenience of it, right? Anyway, I own this one in multiple colors. IMO, you can never have too many vests!

  • HAT: I think I am going to add this hat to my collection this year for outdoor workouts. The head is an important place to keep warm to keep your entire body well insulated, so I go for a full hat on my head and covering my ears.

  • GLOVES: I broke the mold on these and went straight to the source that is AMAZON. I have owned multiple pairs of these and they keep my hands warm AND let me grip equipment while I am outside. WIN WIN.

  • LEGWARMERS: MY FAVORITE PIECE OF THE Stay warm puzzle are my legwarmers. The name says it all in terms of its purpose. They keep my legs so warm and cozy. Look them up @ lululemon. Evolution Leg Warmers. They work!

It is all about layers. Starting lighter on the bottom and getting a little bit sturider on the top. I top it all up with my super light but WARM Patagonia NANO Puff Jacket. It looks like it does not deliver warmth, but it does!

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