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Stop DOOM Scrolling

Tools for your Toolbox: STOP DOOM SCROLLING!

The power of the phone is strong. It lures us in with its promise of listicles like "35 Very Random '00s Things That you Haven't Thought About in 10 Years And Maybe Longer,' on Buzz Feed or funny memes, news and everything in between. Then the phone locks its tentacles in tight and tries not to let go. In case you are wondering about some very random things from 's00 that you haven't thought about....The TV Guide Channel and every-time you flipped to it the channel you most wanted to know about had just scrolled past!

Anyhoo, how often have you let minutes (hours?) pass in Doom Scrolling? All of a sudden you come to and you don't know where the past minutes/hour has gone? Let's work to break this habit.

I give credit where credit is due to my husbands tool for this. He sets up in his phone certain times that he cannot access the internet or news sites. From 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. No news. Ask me about what happened on January 6th, quite amusing in our house. I am committed to my version of this.

  • Email Check Time: I'm setting up some Screen Time changes to my email. I do not need to check my email as frequently as I do. If I don't clear out the SPAM right when it happens, its going to be ok. In fact, I will unsubscribe from those emails. Wasting precious time and space. I'm setting aside some time in the morning and some time late afternoon. It might not be perfect, but taking a step in the right direction is better than taking no steps at all!

  • Evening Time: I have already set this up on my phone. It is inaccessible except for phone calls from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM. If I need internet for a recipe, I use my iPad but ONLY for the recipe.

These might not be the versions that you want to start in your life, but assess your screen time and see if any adjustments can be made? And then dream about what you will do with all of that newly freed time!

Don't mind me, I'm over here playing dominos with Zoe :)

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