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Want to learn how to change your habits for good?

Join my course. 28 days. Every single day I outline very specific tips, tricks, recommendations, ides…whatever you want to call them. Tangible things that you can actually USE and USE for life!

So many people start off strong with habit change, confident in the plan and purpose and some progress might be made. Ultimately, life gets in the way and so you ‘pause.’ Then things start to “settle down” and you try again, and then #life, so you pause again. Cycle continues indefinitely.

This chart shows you what your progress looks like when you pause. You never make any progress forward. You keep getting to the exact same place time and again.

Image courtesy of @precisionnutrition.

You know what that is? A waste of your time, your energy and your skills.

People become so focused on making changes perfect and permanent that you cannot see the incremental positive progressions they are making and how those changes, instituted overtime help trend your progress line UP!


One of my clients, when we started, sent me pictures of what she was eating and it was all brown. Oatmeal, sandwiches, pasta. Three day’s worth of pictures and there was no color. We took incremental steps to re-create her eating habits. First it was menu planning. Working together for multiple weeks on how to meal plan, why to meal plan and then how to best execute the plan. She scheduled in her calendar exactly what time each week she would menu plan AND grocery shop. Less likely to say “I will do this later.”

Next we worked on increasing the color on her plate through increased intake of fruits and veggies. We talked about her favorites fruits and veggies, what is in season and how to make them the most delicious for her and her husband.

Finally, we pulled it all together to create a perfectly planned week of meals that would feed her and her husband. Some weeks she would say “We followed our plan perfectly,” and other weeks, ‘Things came up, so we only did 4 meals versus 6.’ She did not allow that ‘things came up weeks’ to entirely derail her, she was matter of fact, and moved on to the next day.

Through our time together, she took numerous vacations and never paused. Her progressed. She might have adjusted the dial to meet the circumstances, but did not turn the progress OFF. She would come back from the trips and acknowledge where she had been very successful staying on track and where she veered off a little bit. She texted me beautiful meals that she had while away that were colorful and nutritiously balanced, while enjoying an alcoholic drink or two. Because #balance. But because her focus had been on momentum forward, even with the vacations, her progress line still trended UP!

You can do this also. You know you can.


In my program Establishing a Healthy Foundation, I focus whole heartedly on habit change. Right now you are thinking “I’m in the middle of a pandemic….I have two young kids….work is stressful….when things settle down, I’ll start.” I am here to tell you that things won’t settle down. The real skill in health development and skill development is being able to conquer it now, before everything is perfect. Because it is never going to be perfect.

So, #starttoday, join my Program. We start in one week and it is the best investment you will make for yourself this year!

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